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The Company

Marsella Global was established in 2008 as a follow-up to Iberian Fair Trading activities, that starts up on 1996.

We are a company with a mission of global service to customers in the plastics industry, chemicals and textiles.

Our market orientation is based on offering quality products and specialty developed in close collaboration with our customers.

Our dedication to service allows us to be present in chip clients and any size. We currently serve more than 300 customers in 21 countries across Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East.

Commercial organization

Our commercial organization is composed of a total of 19 people and we are present in the following countries:
Spain (Alicante, Barcelona and Madrid), Germany, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Thailand and China.

World player

Plastics, chemicals and textiles worldwide distribution and consulting services


Ready to fulfil your request

Our whole organization is always available to meet your needs 365 days a year.

Flexibility and readiness

The training and experience of all members of our organization allows us maximum flexibility and readiness to solve the projects presented to us.


Supporting your projects

For any project, all our sales teams, technicians, developments, etc incorporate all his knowledge to get to customer satisfaction.