In Marsella Global we accumulate more than 20 years of experience in the distribution of chemicals, plastics and synthetic of the most prestigious global corporations fibers.

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Tailor made compounds

Besides from our activity as distributors of plastic commodities, one of our specialties is the manufacture of engineering plastics compounds for any type of end use or application, according to the specific needs of our customers.

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International consulting

The extensive experience and professional background of our team, allows us to meet any request for national and international consulting companies. In these years we have made more than twenty studies for various European, Asian and American companies.

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Ready to fulfil your request

Our whole organization is always available to meet your needs 365 days a year. The training and experience of all members of our organization allows us maximum flexibility and readiness to solve the projects presented to us. For any project, all our sales teams, technicians, developments, etc incorporate all his knowledge to get to customer satisfaction. .

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Food, Drinks, Cosmetics and Pharma
Car industry, Appliance, Industrial Sectors
Tailor made compounds for household items
Personal security and industrial application


The price of PET in September continues to fall.

03 October, 2016 ·
Bulletin:   79 Date: 03-10-16 1.- PET.– The price of PET from the beginning of the summer campaign continue tumbling ... Read More »

The average price of PET so far this year is the lowest quarter of the story.

02 August, 2016 ·
Bulletin: 78 Date: 03-08-16 –          Brent oil.- In July changed the cycle. The maximum value was reached on ... Read More »

PET quotation went down around 40 € /tm.

05 July, 2016 ·
Bulletin: 77 Date: 04-07-16 – Brent oil.-Continues price soaring trend and looks like will continue in short term with ... Read More »

Brent reached anual máximum

07 June, 2016 ·
Brent oil – Continue price soaring. In May overlapping 50 dollars per barrel and reaching annual máximum. ECONOMIC FLA ... Read More »